Cloth Face Masks (made to order) BUY 3 OR MORE, GET 15% OFF

Cloth Face Masks (made to order) BUY 3 OR MORE, GET 15% OFF

Zombie Yarns

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Now you can also show some fun and fashion while also being socially responsible. In California, we have been encouraged to cover our faces while in public. Might as well be silly/cute/fun about it!

Fabrics are cotton or cotton blend, washable and reversible. There is a center layer of stabilizer that helps keep the mask away from your face when you breath in. There is also a wire over the nose that can easily be shaped to sculpt over your nose. The elastics are soft and very flexible.

Care Instructions: Although machine washing will not damage the masks, it may distort them. Each day after wearing, simply soak it in soapy water for a minute, rinse, squeeze out with a towel and hang it to dry.

Discount will appear once 3 masks are ordered.


Children's sizes and XL Adult are available upon request. Please order the mask of your choice, then send an email to adjust the size. Kids are 3-6 small and 7-12 medium, XL Adult is for very wide/round faces.