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Inner Tube Wallets

Inner Tube Wallets

Zombie Upcycled

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Made from real bicycle and motorcycle inner tubes! Lorna has found a few stores in the Sacramento area who are willing to save their used tubes rather than throw them in the garbage. She drives around to collect them, washes, cuts, heats and sews them into various wallets.


The bi-fold wallets are about 4-1/2" wide x 4" tall. They open flat and have a large pocket for bills, clear pocket for ID, hidden pocket behind that one and 3 credit card slots.

The velcro-flap is a smidge bigger than a credit card with a velcro closure.

The flip wallet holds just a couple cards or folded bills on each side.

The zipped case is just right for coins or a few cards and folded bills. It has a lobster clasp sewn on. Zipper colors vary.