Art Masks--One of a kind

Art Masks--One of a kind

Zombie Yarns

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All of these masks are adult size.

Zombies are creative and need to have fun so we've been playing around with our mask design and "flattened the curve" to allow a canvas for our amazing in-house artist, Amber to use her talents.

These masks are ONE OF A KIND. Once it sells, it's gone. We'll try to update frequently with new designs and remove the sold ones. 

The fabrics are cotton or cotton blend, washable and reversible. There is a center layer of stabilizer that helps keep the mask away from your face when you breath in. There is also a wire over the nose that can easily be shaped to sculpt over your nose. The elastics are soft and very flexible. Machine washing won't hurt the mask but it will hold its shape better if you just drop it in the sink with soapy water, rinse it out and lay it out on a towel til morning.