Announcing the newest Zombie creations: ZOMBIE UPCYCLED!!!
Upcycled Purses

Upcycled Purses

Zombie Upcycled

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Each of these purses is one of a kind. Lorna has found a quilt, tablecloth, garment, doily, curtain, purse handles or hardware and planned a purse specifically for that item. All of the materials are washed, often dyed a new color, working around any flaws that made the item unusable.

I (Lorna) am so excited and proud to be branching into this upcycling art. It feels good to give something a new life and to bring it back into the world to be admired and enjoyed. 

You'll see many doilies that I've used for purse flaps. There are jacket pockets that become a purse pocket. Placemats and shower curtains start over again here. If you have an item you'd like me to recreate, please contact me.

These purses are each unique but the sizes are similar. The range from 12" - 14" wide and 8" - 10" tall. The depth is a "puffy" 2" or so depending on the shaping used. All have full lining, pockets of some sort inside and/or outside and firm stabilizer to hold their shape. Most zip closed with a couple of exceptions. Some also have magnetic snap closures. If you want more information or photos, please email me.

The type of handle is listed after the purse name.