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Blue Faux Knitting Purse / Knitting Bag

Blue Faux Knitting Purse / Knitting Bag

Zombie Upcycled

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Is that knitting? or fabric? It's both in blues and in a medium size purse/knitting bag designed and sewn by Lorna Miser. Approximately 12" square plus 3-1/2" flat-bottom gusset. Full lining with 2 patch pockets and a zipped pocket inside! Sturdy and pretty bag.

Bottom and handles are high quality, navy vinyl. Upper outside looks like garter stitch in knitting! canvas. Lining is light blue denim. Pockets inside only. 

Matching coin/credit card case is 4-1/2" zipped.

Total length is 25" from base to shoulder.

One of a kind.