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Soul Light

Soul Light

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Soul Light is 100% tencel. Tencel is a type if rayon made from pine trees but done with sustainability and a process that doesn't hurt the environment or the people making it.

Tencel is slippery and silky, drapey and breathable. If you are a person who can't handle anything warm or scratchy on your neck, this yarn is perfect.

Each skein is 100 grams and 455 yards. This makes it a lightweight fingering but not quite lace weight. Use it for any fingering weight shawl or scarf patterns you like. We recommend using wood or bamboo hooks and needles to give you more control with the slippery quality.

Any garment made from Soul Light will be drapey and flow. It will not hold its shape for a  structured garment.

We have several patterns for this yarn. Our favorite shawl is the Humble Shawl.

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