Announcing the newest Zombie creations: ZOMBIE UPCYCLED!!!
Felted Zombie Pumpkins

Felted Zombie Pumpkins

Zombie Yarns

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They're a little more cute than scary! You can make a whole pumpkin patch of these babies! The yarn is called Scream. But if you've seen the pumpkins, you've seen the yarn at a show this fall. So please check back or send Lorna a message if you'd like to purchase yarn for felting!

FYI, Scream is 100% local Sacramento sheep's wool, 90 yards, 50 grams. The colors range from soft and subtle to screamin vibrant! The yarn is super soft to wear as knit or crocheted, but also incredibly feltable if you wish.


1/2 skein: small 3” tall x 12” circumference

1 skein: medium 4” tall x 15” circumference

2 skeins: large 5” tall x 19” circumference


Your sizes may vary because of felting differences, gauge and stuffing differences. One skein will make 2 small pumpkins or 1 medium pumpkin. Two skeins are needed for the large pumpkin.

Pattern will be available free when 5 skeins of yarn are purchased. This would make 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small pumpkins.