Light Masks with ties BUY 3 OR MORE, GET 15% OFF

Light Masks with ties BUY 3 OR MORE, GET 15% OFF

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This is our newest style of masks. 

This style is lighter in weight. Just two layers on your face: one fashion fabric and one medical quality filter fabric.

There are stretchy fabric ties which can be tied around the head, around the neck or behind the ears. Once tied, it is stretchy enough to pull it off without untying.

This style may offer more comfort for retail workers who must wear masks all day, for people with glasses, hearing aids or small ears, or others who prefer the adjustability of ties instead of elastics.

This style comes in one size. It is NOT reversible and does not have a nose wire.

Fabrics are cotton or cotton blend. Choose a color family, we'll pick the exact fabric.

Care Instructions: Do not machine wash. Each day after wearing, simply soak it in soapy water for a minute, rinse, squeeze out with a towel and hang it to dry. Alternatively, the mask can be sanitized by folding it (filter side inside), laying a towel over it and pressing with a hot iron for 10 seconds. Do not allow iron to touch filter fabric.

Discount will appear once 3 masks are ordered.