Announcing the newest Zombie creations: ZOMBIE UPCYCLED!!!

Zombie Yarns has moved!

I've had a lot of changes in my life and my business in the last year. Many updates are on Facebook but that is hard to follow when it's piece by piece. So here is the general story of Lorna Miser and Zombie Yarns:


I sold my condo, knowing that it wasn't a good place to run Zombie Yarns and also feeling ready for a change. Plan was to take this yarn show on the road and sell cross country, dyeing as I go. (haha, silly me)


While in escrow, I met a man. We spent the summer together building my Zombie Yarn van, having adventures and falling in love.

FALL 2016 and WINTER 2016-2017

Man and I don't want to be apart for months at a time, so I put down roots, both with him and by renting a dye studio. It's adorable and efficient!

Zombie Yarns travels around doing shows and pop-ups, even Stitches West! It's a great winter.


Man breaks my heart, ends everything. Needing a new plan, I take Zombie Yarns on tour for the month of May, doing pop-ups in Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Oklahoma City. I realize that not only do I need a home base for living and running the business, but it would be better to live in the middle of the country so I can travel in any direction. The cost of living is also cheaper in Oklahoma, so I start the move.

JULY 2017

I drive the Zombie Yarn van cross country (AGAIN!), with Shelby the cat and towing Sunshine the 64-1/2 purple convertible Mustang. Not so fun adventures included breaking down in the desert of AZ and needing a new radiator. But we made it and stayed with a friend for a few weeks while house hunting and waiting for movers.

JULY 26, 2017

Moved into a cute little house in Oklahoma City, OK. There's a yarn shop and two quilt shops very nearby for stress relief. I can dye yarn at home for the time being but hope to rent a separate studio in time since the house is small and I'll need employees before long. I'm not opening a retail location or outlet. I'll be doing fiber festivals and local events at yarn shops and yarn crawls and pop-ups. Check the calendar for all upcoming events.

Life changes. These should be some good changes for Zombie Yarns!